Gap analysis

What is a Management System Gap Analysis?

A gap analysis is an activity completed to help you understand where you are against the requirements of a particular management system standard. i.e.  ISO 9001.

A gap analysis should be one of the first steps you complete when implementing a management system.

Management systems standard contain specific requirements that have to be met; these are detailed in various clauses. If your current system does not meet the requirements then there is a gap that must be addressed before an you can achieve successful certification.

WCS can conduct a Gap Analysis to identify any areas of weakness prior to a certification application.

Approved WCS  assessors will carry out this Gap Analysis and provide a report detailing the results and gaps. You will then have a better understand of where you are against the standard enabling you to create a implementation plan and establish timescales for meeting the requirements and hopefully achieving certification.

There are no set duration’s for a gap analysis. WCS charge a set day rate and the number of days can be chosen by yourself. Of course the longer the gap analysis in duration the more in depth it will go. WCS will recommend the number of days based on your company size, activities, sites and the particular management systems standards.

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