It is an accreditation requirement that conformity assessment activities are undertaken impartially and certification bodies do not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.

Sources of threats to impartiality can be based on ownership, governance, management, personnel, finances, contracts, training, marketing and payment of a sales commission.

The directors of WCS fully understand this and in order to safeguard and ensure impartiality within the certification process, WCS has established an Impartiality Committee and an Impartiality Policy.

This Impartiality Committee is responsible for reviewing and challenging WCS in the following areas:

  1. WCS operations
  2.  Risks
  3. Finance
  4. Performance

By reviewing and challenging WCS in the areas above it ensures that any weaknesses are identified, improvements made and controls implemented. It also ensures WCS is acting professionally, proving a good service and that the certification process is impartial.

The committee members represent a variety of industries and interests and meet up to three times a year.  WCS present operational, financial and risk assessment data to the committee.

Current members include:

Mr. Roger Hutchings (Environmental & Health and Safety)

Prof. David Shaw (Academic Institutions)

Miss. Iona Hughes (Environmental and Small Business)

Mr. Kevin O’Connor (Aerospace)

Dr. Elaine Hemers (Academic Institutions)

Mr. Mike Holmes (SME Businesses)

The Impartiality Policy has been implemented and approved by the owners and directors of the business and can be viewed below.


I am so thrilled to receive these certificates, I can’t tell you how much! Liz was a fantastic auditor and I really look forward to her surveillance audit to showcase our continued commitment and improvements. Stay safe yourself and many thanks.

Haywood & Jackson

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