AS 9100

Aerospace Quality Management - The aerospace industry requires optimum product, process and service quality. Implement AS 9100 to assist meeting these requirements.

What is AS 9100?

The AS 9100 family of standards is based on the ISO 9001:2015 quality system standard with additions aimed at meeting specific aerospace industry requirements. The development of AS9100 was the result of an international effort from within the aerospace industry to set a common goal of establishing a single recognized/internationally accepted quality management system standard. AS 9100 is a product of this international effort, and its adoption and implementation will assist suppliers meet their aerospace customer requirements. Particular emphasis is placed on topics which impact on traceability, safety, reliability, and regulatory requirements associated with the aerospace sector.

Why should my organisation implement AS 9100?

Benefits include the qualification to be considered as an aerospace supplier (most major aerospace manufacturers require their suppliers to be AS9100 certified), more focus on the supply chain, improved harmonization, increased customer satisfaction, reduced customer-unique documentation, reduced second-party audits, higher quality products, public recognition.

Why should my organisation apply for AS 9100 certification?

Satisfactory assessment of your management system leads to completion of an industry-based checklist by the auditor. The checklist allows the auditor to allocate scores for the various topics covered, and to enter the results on the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) which is a web hosted database allowing shared access to aerospace qualification data. General company data is readily available, but with other audit-based information, organizations can choose whether to grant access to other OASIS users, select member companies, or selected individuals.

Why choose World Certification Services?

World Certification Services offers value-added assessment and registration services using industry-trained and experienced Lead Auditors with the ability to undertake their work impartially and in a friendly manner. All aerospace auditors meet stringent registration requirements and are included in the IAQG OASIS database. World Certification Services is subject to regular auditing by ANAB and industry representatives to ensure and demonstrate that high standards are maintained.

What will it cost?

World Certification Services has always offered affordable certification. We aim to be competitive and take a sensible approach when quoting for assessment and certification, particularly for small and medium enterprises where the cost of certification can sometimes be prohibitive. If you would like to receive a quote detailing the costs involved for a three year period of certification please submit a request for quote now.

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