Scope Extensions and Reductions

If an existing WCS client requires an extension to the scope of certification, to cover new processes, sites etc then a formal application will be required.

WCS is required to collect all the relevant information about the extensions and retain this on file. A contract review will be required and WCS will produce a quote detailing the audit duration required to complete the extension. WCS call this a special audit. A special audit can be completed at any time or it can be added on to a surveillance or recertification audit.

If the scope extension is just a minor revision to the wording then a special audit may not required. However, a certification decision is still required and controlled by the accredited UK office.

If a client requires a reduction to the scope of certification, i.e. removal of a site or process then WCS should be advised immediately of the changes to the scope. Again, a certification decision will be required as well as potential changes to the audit programme or site sampling plan.

The auditor is a pleasure to have in our offices. We all feel at ease with him. The auditor raised some good observations on how we can improve our systems.

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