July 18, 2019

Use of Certification Marks and Certification Statements

Use of Certification Marks and Certification Statements

When a company achieves certification with World Certification Services Ltd it is entitled to use the appropriate certification marks (logo) on stationery and marketing material.

These marks are provided by World Certification Services with your Certificate of Registration.  It is important that the use of these marks is correct and in accordance with WCS Logo Requirements.

A certified company cannot make false certification statements or use the logo in a way that could mislead any interested parties. Examples of this could be:

  • Using the logo on a website that includes multi sites when the certification only covers one site
  • Using a logo on a website that show services provided that are not included in the certification

WCS has created a “Use of Logos” documents in order to avoid the incorrect use of certification marks. This document also provides guidance on the correct “Certification Statements” that a client can make.

The document can be downloaded here.  Use of Logo

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