June 8, 2021

On-site auditing – UK

On-site auditing – UK

WCS has revised its policy with regard to on-site auditing in the UK.

For the past 15 months WCS has been completing the majority of its management systems audits remotely using ICT such as MS Teams, Zoom, SharePoint, video streams and recorded video .

However, WCS is now receiving requests from clients that their audit is undertaken on-site.  WCS continues to monitor government advice and accreditation body guidance but has decided to allow on site audits, subject to the following:

  1. The organisation has completed a Covid 19 Risk Assessment and implemented the necessary controls.
  2. The organisation’s policy allows visitors taking into account employee circumstances.
  3. The WCS assessor is agreeable to audit on-site after completing their own personal circumstance risk assessment.
  4. The on-site audit methodology does not allow large group gatherings and hand shaking.
  5. The understanding that communication is required for track and trace purposes.

WCS assessors will continue to contact clients when planning audits and establish the best audit methodology for both parties.

If you require any further information, please contact WCS.

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I am so thrilled to receive these certificates, I can’t tell you how much! Liz was a fantastic auditor and I really look forward to her surveillance audit to showcase our continued commitment and improvements. Stay safe yourself and many thanks.

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