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World Certification Services (WCS) continue to look for new business managers in those countries where WCS is not already operating. If you are interested in representing World Certification then please forward an introduction letter to info@world-cert.co.uk.


WCS use subcontract auditors in many certification schemes. Currently WCS is looking for well qualified OHSAS 18001 Auditors and AS 9100 Auditors.

If you are interested in becoming a subcontract auditor for World Certification please submit your CV together with as much supporting information as possible.

WCS will undertake a competence review/analysis to establish what sectors you are capable of operating in.

Any new WCS sub contract auditor will be required to visit World Certification for an initial interview and auditor training. The WCS auditor approval process includes on site evaluation (witness) as well as demonstrating technical knowledge in each area you wish to audit. This is usually demonstrated by completing a technical questionnaire in each area.

Please forward CV’s and introduction letters to info@world-cert.co.uk.

Completed a very in-depth audit. Professional and I would have no hesitation in using WCS for future services.

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