April 1, 2022

Remote Auditing Update

Remote Auditing Update

WCS has revised its policy with regard to on-site auditing in the UK.

For the past 24 months in the UK, WCS has been completing a large percentage of management systems audits remotely using ICT such as MS Teams, Zoom, SharePoint, video streams and recorded video.

However, with the changes to Government Policy in the UK, WCS must now transition back to onsite auditing.

WCS continues to be committed to ensuring the health and safety of customers, employees, and interested parties and is still allowing remote audits. However, remote audit should now be the minority. If a client requests a remote audit, the auditor should complete the evaluation form (F999) in order to justify why a remote audit is being completed and to document the plan of action.

Reasons could be:

  • Localised outbreak of Covid within the organisation
  • High risk health conditions
  • To limit risks by reducing travel such as international air travel

WCS will soon be revising its procedures with regard to future use of ICT under normal conditions. I.e. Remote auditing works and there is potential for a blended approach for future audits. i.e. part remote, part onsite.  Watch this space.

Overseas Locations

WCS Agents outside of the UK will continue to follow local government guidance. A local policy will be in place.

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