September 2, 2020

Covid 19 Update – September 2020

Covid 19 Update – September 2020

WCS has made the decision to revise its policy with regard to remote / on site auditing in the UK.

WCS has been completing the majority of management systems audits remotely using Information and Communications Technology. Software such as MS Teams, Zoom, SharePoint, video streams and recorded video have been working well and feedback has been positive.

However, WCS is now receiving requests from clients who wish for their audit to be completed on site. WCS has decided to allow “some” on site audits but subject to the following:

  1. Client needs to have completed a return to work Covid 19 Risk Assessment and implemented the necessary controls
  2. Clients policy allows visitors on site taking into account employee circumstances
  3. WCS assessor is happy to visit site after completing their own personal circumstance risk assessment
  4. WCS has an assessor available that does not require public transport or hotels
  5. On site audit procedures are followed such as no group gatherings, no hand shaking, social distancing, use of PPE and hand sanitiser.
  6. Understanding that communication is required for track and trace purposes
  7. Local lock-down rules to be reviewed and followed

At this time WCS anticipate on site assessments to be a rare occurrence and the majority of audits will continue to be completed remotely. However, the option is now available for WCS to visit site should it be necessary.

WCS assessors will continue to contact clients with upcoming audits to discuss.

If you require any further information, please contact WCS.

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The auditor gave me support and I feel confident that his observations will be of great help to me.

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