September 9, 2023

AS 9100 Update

AS 9100 Update

The IAQG has suspended 9104-1:2022, 9104-2:2023, and 9101:2022 transition to realign all the certification scheme standards, delta training, and OASIS v3 on a coordinated timeline.

The previous version of Supplemental Rule (SR 004 Rev B) published to control the transition has been suspended and a new version issued to control the suspension. (Rev C).

Transition to the new standards will be re-started when the realignment is complete, and a new timeline is communicated by the IAQG.

This new SR rule applies to the following stakeholders:
• Accreditation Bodies (ABs)
• Certification Bodies (CBs)
• Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS) Certified Organizations
• Auditor Authentication Bodies (AABs)
• Authenticated AQMS Auditors
• Training Provider Approval Bodies (TPABs)
• Training Providers (TPs), and
• Other Party (OP) Assessors


All WCS certified clients will remain as their current structure for the foreseeable future. Campus, Several Site, Multi Site, Complex and Single Site remain valid.

WCS will post an update when available.

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