March 31, 2019

Updated Certification Regulations

Updated Certification Regulations

For the attention of all WCS certified clients.

WCS has updated its certification regulations and these can be viewed or downloaded here:

Certification Regulations

Updates Include:

Section 2 – New definition for a special audit.

Section 5 iv – WCS reserve the right to review certification and undertake a special audit to ensure continued conformance to the certification standard.

Section 5 x -Advise WCS without delay of the occurrence of a serious incident or breach of regulation. This includes all incidents that have the potential for criminal or civil litigation and necessitating the involvement of the competence regulatory authority. WCS reserves the right to review the incident and if required undertake a special audit to ensure continued conformance with the certification standard.

Section 7 xiii – Review communications from clients and interested parties following serious incidents and breaches of regulation and complete any necessary investigations / special audits. In cases where it can be demonstrated that the system seriously failed to meet the certification requirements this shall provide grounds for suspension or withdrawal of certification.

Please review these new regulations as they may affect your certification with WCS.

Please call the WCS office or discuss with the WCS assessor if you have any concerns.

As a reminder it is a contractual requirement to follow the WCS certification regulations.

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