July 5, 2019

UKAS Accreditation For ISO 45001:2018

UKAS Accreditation For ISO 45001:2018

WCS is pleased to announce that it has completed the migration process from OHSAS 18001:2007 to ISO 45001:2018.

UKAS today confirmed accreditation and WCS is now able to issue UKAS Accredited certificates as per the schedule of accreditation on the UKAS website.

Congratulations to the OHSAS team for all the hard work completed during the migration process.

Clients are reminded that the expiry of OHSAS 18001:2007 is the 12th March 2021. After this date all OHSAS 18001 certificates will expire.

Please ensure you are planning your migration and contact WCS as soon as possible to discuss the migration audit. As previously communicated WCS is required to add audit duration in order to complete the migration and review the new requirements within your management system.

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As always the auditor was friendly, approachable with clear explanations.

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