Its been nearly four years since UKAS changed their Accreditation Logo from individual management system logos such as quality, environmental and food safety to a single “management system” logo.

Over the past few years WCS has been transitioning clients to the new version of the UKAS logo. WCS auditors have been reviewing the use of logo’s as part of routine surveillance audits and reporting any circumstances that require correcting.

The transition has gone well with the majority of WCS clients now using the new version. However WCS has recently identified a few clients who have not transitioned to the new logo.

The transition period will soon be coming to an end so all WCS clients are requested to make sure they are using the correct logo and to delete the old logo from their systems / stationery, website etc. If required a copy of the new logo can be provided. Please contact your local WCS office and they will be happy to send these out.

Clients are reminded that this is a contractual certification requirement to use logo’s correctly and after the transition date has passed any circumstances found will be considered a misuse of logo and non conformances could be raised. Potentially there could be a cost involved as clients will be requested to remove or change the logo from stationery, websites etc.

For reference below is the new UKAS logo and a copy of the WCS certification mark incorporating the UKAS logo.