Occasionally there have been reports of certificated companies using the UKAS “Tick and Crown” logo on vehicles,  products, test certificates  etc.  in contravention of WCS Certification Regulations and UKAS accreditation requirements. This has led to additional administrative and investigative costs for both organisations, and to the suspension/withdrawal of certification for companies failing to take immediate remedial action.

Registered clients are therefore reminded of the strict requirements/controls  for the use of the UKAS “Tick and Crown” logo.  Details  can be downloaded from the World Certification Services web site ref. “USE OF LOGOS”. Alternatively, if you have any questions or concerns about using the logo we would be pleased to provide advice and guidance.

Finally, to stress the importance which UKAS places on the correct use of its logo you may find it of interest to view the UKAS Update Magazine (June 2012) (http://www.ukas.com/media-centre/promotional-material-and-downl/update.asp) in which UKAS has included an article on misuse of the logo.

IAF Communication

World Certification Services fully support Accredited Certification and are committed to UKAS and ANAB Accreditation. All WCS clients should be aware of the importance of Accredited Certification and should understand the role of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

On occasions the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) produce guidance and documentation that needs to be distributed to the certification industry. WCS has signed up to follow the IAF rules for certification of management systems so from time to time WCS will make available on our website all relevant documentation.