Guidance On Answering Non Conformances

To help prevent your NCR response  not being accepted by WCS you are requested to take account of the following guidance when completing the NCR form

Corrective Action  – in order for your response to be fully accepted It must include :

  • A statement that the nonconformity has been corrected. (Your response needs to be written in the past tense.  i.e. the missing record was found, not will be found).
  • Details of the extent of the problem,  ie. The results of your investigation to identify other examples that need to be corrected, and details of action taken to correct these examples
  • If applicable, details and confirmation that all parties involved have been informed of the problem (internally affected parties, auditors, customers, etc)
  • If correction cannot be undertaken immediately,  a plan to correct the NCR. This shall include Identification of responsible parties for the actions, a schedule (dates) for implementation
  • Evidence that the correction was implemented or evidence that the plan is being implemented.

Root Cause of the Non-conformance  – in order to be fully accepted your response must identify the real root cause of the problem. You should therefore have asked how and why a situation or event occurred.  The following points should be noted :

  • Determine the direct cause along with a well thought out analysis to establish the true root cause. Someone not following a process would be direct cause; determining why someone did not follow a process would lead to the true root cause
  • The Root Cause should not simply repeat the finding or the direct cause.
  • The Root Cause should be a brief expression of fact that attempts to neither explain the situation away nor rationalize the condition.
  • The root cause statement must focus on a single issue. If more than one cause is identified, for instance training and inadequate work instructions, then two corrective action plans must be submitted.
  • If the true Root Cause has been determined there should not be any obvious “why” questions remaining

Action Taken to Prevent Recurrence of the NCR – in order to be fully accepted, your response must :

  • Describe actions taken to addresses the root cause, or causes so as to prevent the problem occurring again. (eg. Provision of additional training, revised procedures, new methods/processes, increased inspection or auditing etc.)
  • Include enough evidence is to show the plan has been/is being implemented, and if applicable, is on schedule.