BS EN 1090

WCS currently offer certification that is unaccredited in the early adoption stage; this allows WCS to grow its client base in a scheme to build towards getting the scheme accredited with UKAS.

WCS will only use approved auditors and will not undertake consultancy.

What is BS EN 1090 (CE Marking) Structural Steel?

The BS EN 1090 is a harmonised standard that covers structural/construction steel and aluminium products, that are installed in a permanent manner.  It is a requirement for products to be sold in Europe, and any organizations who design and/or manufacture steel components must adhere to this standard.

Whether in the form of steel frames or metal roofing, any structural engineers, component manufacturers, and anyone with a hand in the steel or aluminium based components that go into metal buildings/building work, should be aware of this.

Why should my organisation implement BS EN 1090 (CE Marking) Structural Steel?

From the 1st July 2014 any activity that an organisation carries out more than once for the manufacture of structural metal components or kits that have been either made in the UK or imported, and to which a harmonised European standard applies, must comply with the CPR & CE marking requirements.  The harmonised European standard that applies to structural metalwork is BS EN 1090-1:2009 +A1:2011 and it has been a criminal offence to supply structural metalwork after the 1st July 2014 unless it conforms to this standard and carries a legitimate CE mark.

Why should my organisation apply for BS EN 1090 (CE Marking) Structural Steel certification?

Satisfactory assessment of your BE EN 1090 system will demonstrate compliance with BS EN 1090-1, with assessment by an independent third party body (WCS).  This will demonstrate your compliance with the CPR & CE marking requirements.

Why choose World Certification Services?

World Certification Services offers independent value-added assessment and registration to BE EN 1090  thanks to trained and experienced Lead Auditors with the ability to undertake their work impartially and in a friendly manner.

What will it cost?

World Certification Services has always offered affordable certification. We are competitive and take a sensible approach when quoting certification fees, particularly for small and medium size businesses where the cost of certification is sometimes prohibitive. If you would like to receive a quote detailing the costs involved for a 3 year period of certification please click on Request a Quotation and follow the prompts.