AS 9100D (2016) has arrived

This update is intended for WCS AS 9100C certified organisations.

AS 9100 Rev. D (2016) has arrived.

AS9100D (2016) encompasses ISO 9001:2015 requirements and includes additional requirements for quality, safety and delivery relevant to the aviation, space and defense industries.

The industry has decided and implemented transition times inline with the current ISO 9001:2015 transition times.

What does this mean for certified organisations?
  • All AS 9100C certificates will expire on the 14th September 2018.
  • All certified organisations wishing to continue AS9100 certification will be required to transition to the new standard.
  • The transition timescales are short. Very Short!
  • Certified organisations will need to complete update training and implement the new  requirements.
  • Certified organisations should start preparing for the changes and implement an action plan to transition to the new standard as soon as possible.
  • By the 1st March 2017 all certified organisations are required to provide a statement of intent to transition to the new 2016 standard.
  • All AS9100 certification body (WCS) audits after June 2017 must be to the new revision. Will you be ready?

Some useful deployment support information can found on the IAQG website at the link below.

AS9100D (2016) IAQG Information

To purchase the standard visit SAE online.  SAE Online – AS9100D

If you wish to discuss the transition, please contact your local WCS office.